ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) is a silent revolution in railway safety. It will ultimately shake the fundamentals of how we progress with railway transport, enhancing capacity, safety, and introducing a highly efficient and attractive transport options for customers and to make the most of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

This brings us to perhaps the biggest challenge in implementing ERTMS on a worldwide scale in the nearby future. The technology itself is a continuing challenge, but having all the stakeholders involved in making the transition and business change from ‘analogue thinking’ to ‘digital thinking’ will ensure Railways are committing to innovation, It is consequently crucial to adapt quickly to a fast-moving technology and to act on new trends in order to nurture the rail sector’s attractiveness and competitiveness.

The UIC Talent & Expertise Development Platform accepted the challenge and formed a group of signalling and Infrastructure experts from Austria, Belgium, Norway, United Kingdom and The Netherlands to develop ERTMS learning modules via a web portal access platform.

This approach using an internet portal enhances the experience of knowledge for the learners using a frame work of modules assisting with the transition from the analogue track based philosophy to a digital based philosophy.

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